Welcome to Safer Society’s Redesigned Website

Welcome to Safer Society Foundation’s redesigned website! We’re excited to be able to offer you online ordering for all our publications. Visit Safer Society Press to view our catalog, place your order or to find out about submitting a manuscript.

We’ve also completely redesigned the information and education area of our website. You can still request a treatment referral, view our calendar of upcoming conferences, and find links to other organizations and websites. You can also download the PDF of the 2009 Safer Society Survey Report (go to the For Professionals page), and the Stop It Now! Guidebooks (look for the link on the Prevention and Treatment page.) We’re updating and adding lots of information about sexual abuse, and we’re arranging it by topic and by affinity group to make it easier to find. As we launch the website, we have only a small amount of the information posted. Look for more links to be made live in the next few days as we add content, and then check back regularly for additional content and updates to the content already posted.

We’ve also added a section especially for professionals. Here professionals working with persons with sexual behavior problems can find information about recently released books of interest to you, and other helpful information. If you have suggestions of things you’d like to see included in this section, add a comment below or contact us using this form.

Finally, we’ve added this blog to keep you up-to-date on all that’s happening at Safer Society. In addition to this news area, our Executive Director will share her thoughts about news and information she’s come across and how it impacts our efforts to eliminate sexual abuse and create a Safer Society in a second blog, Towards a Safer Society. Look for it soon.

We hope you find this redesigned website informative and useful. As with anything new, we may run into a few glitches. If you stumble upon one, let us know so we can get it fixed. And let us know what you find useful and what additional content would be helpful.

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