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If you’ve visited our website before, you probably have noticed a change to our homepage and also to the initial page for Safer Society Press. We’re updating the website to make it easier to find the information you want and need. One piece of this will be new navigation, and until that is done, we’ve put a number of links on our main pages to help you find what you’re looking for. Let us know if you need other links. We’ll also be changing the graphics to make the site look more inviting. Information throughout the site will be either updated or developed. We’ve got lots of ideas we think will make your time on our site more informative and productive. We’d also like to hear from you. What information are you looking for when you visit? What can we do that will help you? Leave us a comment and help us make a truly awesome website!

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  1. It would be nice to have a section that we would be able to access to get the most up to date sex offender treatment sources by state. I don’t know if this is something that has to be restricted from the public or not, so if you had people set up a “sign in” account so they can access the info, don’t know if that could be an option. We here at the Bureau of Prisons have to request the treatment sources from each state when completing a release. When we do get the copy faxed to us, we end up just keeping each one from each state and keep going back and referencing that one. I think I have some from 2006, which probably aren’t the most up to date. So it would be a lot easier to just be able to go on a page for that state and look up the up to date sources verses when in a rush just going and looking at the old ones and hoping they are still good. A lot of us here end up scanning our copies to each other also to reference, old or not.
    Don’t know if this makes any sense, but if you have a question, you are welcome to email me. Thanks for everything you guys do!

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      First of all, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. It’s very helpful to know how people make use of our resources. We have discussed having our referral database be searchable and essentially “self-serve”, but we have always decided that we need to control the access to the database in order to protect the clinicians listed in the database and their clients. All it takes is one person practicing some vigilante justice for a tragedy to occur. We probably would eventually be able to have accounts for people who use the database on a regular basis, but we’re not at that point technologically. Unfortunately, we will be phasing out the referral service in the next few months. We have been without a public education director for nearly four years now. This person was responsible for maintaining the database as well as doing the majority of referrals. While we have been able to provide referrals with our existing staff, keeping the database up-to-date is not possible. With the economy in its current state, we don’t anticipate being able to hire in the near future. Given that ATSA also provides referrals, we decided that we should concentrate our resources on Safer Society Press and producing resources for the field. When the economy improves, we will certainly revisit the decision, and if we bring it back we will almost certainly take advantage of 21st century technology to make it more user friendly!

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