Webinar: Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Embodied Therapy

Recorded on June 4, 2020

Guest Speakers: David Emerson, YACEP, TCTSY-F
and Jenn Turner LMHC, TCTSY-F

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TSY) has garnered worldwide attention in the past decade. Much of this attention has stemmed a handful of high-quality studies by a community of scientist-practitioners showing that TSY can be an effective adjunctive treatment for trauma-related conditions. Fundamental aspects of TSY include interoception (observing one’s internal physical sensations) and taking effective action based on what one notices within a relational context.

This webinar conversation features the work of the two leading progenitors of TSY in the world. They discuss what TSY is (and isn’t), review its key features, and explore its application and implementation. It is best considered an introduction to a fascinating area of study and practice for professionals and not a training on how to be a TSY facilitator.

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