Webinar Recording: WhatsOK? A New Resource for Preventing Sexual Harm by Young People

Last year, Stop It Now! created a new resource for young people, primarily to deter teens and young adults from perpetrating sexual harm. The WhatsOK? Project was piloted as a website (whatsok.org) and a helpline (whatsok.org/ask) offering free, confidential support and resources to teens and young adults (ages 14-21) with concerns about their own or a friend’s sexual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With a second year of funding, this project is demonstrating that young people are talking about their concerns with insight, desire to lead healthy lives, and will reach out for support and information when they are questioning boundaries, behaviors, and feelings. Jenny Coleman, Stop It Now!’s director will share how the WhatsOK? Project was developed, as well as the insights and findings gained from the pilot and the continuing engagement with this unique new resource.