Webinar Recording – “Whatever Happened to the Smoke Break?” Strategies for Secondary Trauma

Guest Speakers: Kristin Dempsey and Ali Hall

Webinar hosted by David S. Prescott

“Whatever Happened to the Smoke Break?” explores secondary trauma and strategies for reducing its organizational and individual impacts. In the current era, it seems few of us get any breaks at all. This webinar offers specific, concrete ideas for healing and protecting from secondary trauma and invites those working within organizations to generate ideas that they can implement in their settings. Kristin Dempsey and Ali Hall will show that the same qualities that make us effective with others in our work—such as empathy, compassion, and caring—may over time leave us more vulnerable to secondary trauma. Fortunately, these same qualities can provide us with significant protective factors as well. While secondary trauma is always present for helping professionals, pandemic circumstances have amplified and accelerated these experiences and impacts. Join us for this interactive event!