Webinar Recording: “What Did I Miss?” When a Client Re-Offends

Despite the many scientifically established reasons for optimism (for example, generally low recidivism rates), some individuals who have committed sexual harm do re-offend. Moreover, sexual re-offending happens even when the client is under supervision, in treatment, or has been successfully discharged. The experience is never easy for officers, attorneys, and mental health clinicians and leaves them wondering what went wrong.

Drawing on case examples, this webinar conversation examines re-offending from four perspectives: The clinician (Shoshanna Must), the client’s legal representatives (Laurie Rose Kepros), the administrators and programs involved (David Prescott) and considerations for when therapists or clients are Persons of Color –specifically those who come from traditionally marginalized and disproportionately incarcerated communities (Tyffani Dent). It addresses the effects of re-offense on the professionals who worked with offenders and explores ways that professionals can cope with these setbacks.