Webinar Recording: What Are the Skills That Help People Change? A Conversation with Theresa Moyers

Recorded on March 25, 2021

Webinar hosted by David S. Prescott,
Editor of Safer Society Press

Guest Speakers: Theresa Moyers

Setting aside all our preconceived notions about models, techniques, principles, and approaches, what makes some therapists so much more effective than others, even when they are delivering the same treatment? After reviewing 70 years of psychotherapy research, Dr. Moyers (along with her colleague Bill Miller) has found that empathy, acceptance, warmth, focus, and other characteristics of effective therapists are both measurable and teachable.

This webinar conversation is of interest to any professional who wants to be more effective with more people. It is not limited to clinicians; the same characteristics apply across disciplines. This is a rare opportunity for a discussion with one of the world’s leading experts.