Webinar Recording: We Have the Same Goals: Connecting Victim Service Advocates and Treatment Providers

Victim service advocates and treatment providers have the same goal–communities without sexual violence–but tend to operate in isolation from one another. This webinar starts out with acknowledging that public perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs too often prevent those who assess and treat people who have sexually abused from connecting with victim services. This divide can create a narrative about the work we do and what others think of it.

This webinar shares a day in the life of an advocate so that other professionals can understand the 24/7 crisis aspect of their work and how connection will likely need to be led by the treatment providers. From there, it discusses how victim-centered organizations think about prevention and how sexual offending treatment work can fit in. The webinar emphasizes engaging those who serve victims and coming together as a team. Finally, Ms. Schroeder offers ideas for how to support local victim advocacy organizations that can position treatment providers as community resources.