Webinar Recording- The Right Relationship in Corrections Can Reduce Risk: Here’s How

A Conversation with Michael Clark

Webinar hosted by David S. Prescott

The jury is back in on what kinds of approaches can help reduce crime, make our communities safer, and build better lives along the way. Newly published findings report that 45% of all state prison admissions in the United States are due to violations of probation or parole—by way of new offenses or technical violations. Community corrections has become a paradox, not only failing in its mission to divert and remediate, but making matters worse. This commentary focuses on the direct practice of probation and parole officers, as they exert much influence on decisions to punish. It identifies groups that willfully contribute to this “prison pipeline.” This conversation will focus on how empowering risk-need-responsivity approaches with Motivational Interviewing, ending with a discussion of the benefits that caused Motivational Interviewing to be deemed a good fit for community corrections.