Webinar Recording: The Good Lives Model: Your Questions Answered

The Good Lives Model (GLM) — developed by Dr. Tony Ward — is a strengths-based rehabilitation framework for helping clients build lifestyles that are incompatible with offending. With the GLM, Dr. Ward addresses what he identified as shortcomings of the widely used principles of risk, need, and responsivity. The GLM achieves the aims of the RNR model by supporting clients in their quest to develop and implement a prosocial good life plan that is underpinned by their own core values, priority, and strengths.

David Prescott, Director of Safer Society’s Continuing Education Center, has authored and co-authored numerous publications on the GLM, including the first practical and comprehensive guide to integrating the GLM into treatment programs. He has years of experience training professionals around the world on the implementation of the GLM. This webinar gives you the opportunity to ask Mr. Prescott any questions you have about the model! 

In this webinar Mr. Prescott briefly describes the model and its implementation with both adults and adolescents. Then he answers questions submitted during the live event. The webinar is moderated by Katherine (Katie) Gotch, founder and director of Integrated Clinical and Correctional Services of Portland, OR.