Webinar Recording: Tackle Your Challenge – Uncovering Solutions for Making Significant Life Changes

This webinar’s format will be different from our usual conversations. Ella de Jong will demonstrate a self-activating, solution-focused approach that people can use to make difficult changes in their lives – and it doesn’t involve discussing these changes. Ella will lead the audience through a series of steps that they can then use to help clients find solutions to challenges and make changes in their own lives. You can watch the process unfold even as you participate silently. The webinar provides time after the exercise for your questions and observations.

The outcomes of “Tackle Your Challenge” sessions are often surprising, with participants uncovering solutions to challenges they have faced; it is not an empty feel-good exercise. As this webinar will demonstrate, tackling personal challenges becomes easier with the right structure, the right questions, and the right approach. Additionally, the Tackle Your Challenge workshop can also be used for team-building exercises in the workplace.