Webinar Recording: Supporting Survivors Through Restorative Justice

Countless survivors of sexual harm and violence never contact any professional services or law enforcement mechanisms. This doesn’t mean these survivors are not yearning for healing for themselves and accountability for their abusers; rather, it is often the fear of the collateral consequences on their families and communities that keeps them silent. sujatha baliga (sujatha spells her name uncapitalized) believes restorative justice can meet these hidden needs at the family and community level, without reliance on systems of punishment.

This webinar interview explores sujatha’s personal journey to restorative justice as a survivor of rape and incest, and the promising advances she is seeing in the field today. She will describe her experiences bringing families and community members together to support survivor’s self-identified needs for healing while simultaneously working with those who’ve caused harm to take responsibility for and repair the harm done. Anyone interested in finding ways to help society reduce the harm caused by physical and sexual violence will find this webinar insightful and even inspiring.