Webinar Recording: Strategies for Helping Teen Girls with Their Mental Health Struggles

A survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that was published in early February 2023 found that, in 2021 (at the height of the pandemic), 57% of high school girls reported experiencing “persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness in the past year,” up from 36% in 2011. That’s nearly twice as high as the 29% of males who reported having those feelings in 2021. What’s worse, 30% of the girls surveyed reported seriously considering suicide and 13% attempted suicide one or more times in 2021.

In this webinar, Dr. Elizabeth Englander will address how professionals and caregivers can help teen girls by emphasizing social supports, showcasing achievements, empowering women, and reconsidering social media. Dr. Englander is a Professor of Psychology at Bridgewater State University, where she is the founder and Executive Director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center.