Webinar Recording: Stopping Sexual Abuse Before It Happens: A Conversation with Christine Friestad and Ingeborg Jenssen Sandbukt

In the past decade, Norway has taken an active role in developing services for preventing sexual violence.  Christine Friestad and Ingeborg Jenssen Sandbukt have helped develop a program for helping people who have a sexual interest in children. They also took the lead in implementing the Good Lives Model in the Basis Project, a treatment program for high-risk/high-needs individuals who have sexually abused.

In this webinar conversation, Ms. Friestad and Ms. Sandbukt will describe their efforts in making these projects happen. Like many professionals around the world, they have faced challenges in the areas of implementing the highest-quality treatment, assisting with community reintegration, coping with stigma, and making services available to those who have not felt that they could trust those offering help.