Webinar Recording: How Therapeutic Humor Can Work for You

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Improve your outlook and reduce harmful stress through humor. That’s the message of this seriously funny conversation about an applied therapeutic method you can practice every day to improve your wellbeing and the wellness of your clients and others around you. 

Research has shown that humor and laughter directly after a stressful situation reduces stress hormones and creates lasting, positive feelings. Muscles relax, breathing changes, and the brain releases endorphins, natural painkillers and happiness boosters. Having a sense of humor and being quick to laugh can have psychological and physiological benefits.

Frustrated by work? Troubled by feelings of insecurity? Angry at the guy who stole your parking space? Don’t let these frustrations pile up and push you toward burnout. These presenters will teach you how to laugh off difficult times, and as a result turn the negative impacts of stress into the positive biological benefits of humor. You can then use these approaches with your clients.