Webinar Recording: Campus Dilemma: Unique Challenges of Addressing Problematic Sexual Behavior in Students

Recorded on September 14, 2021

Hosted by: David Prescott
Guest Speakers: Joan Tabachnick and Jay Wilgus

Over the past decade, increased advocacy and outrage have focused the public’s attention on sexual misconduct on college and university campuses. It is heartening to hear the public discourse and the insistence that something must be done to hold individuals and institutions responsible and provide appropriate resources for people who have experienced sexual harm. However, most colleges do not have specific resources or offices to offer support or work with students who have been accused or found responsible for sexual misconduct or choose to reach out for help.

Colleges and universities across the US are exploring effective prevention and intervention approaches to address the perpetration of sexual misconduct and wrestling with these important questions. This presentation will provide an overview of existing campus approaches focusing on the emerging opportunities for clinicians who want to work with this transition age population.