Webinar Recording: Being a Pro: Promoting Prosocial Development in Youths

There are many factors contributing to why youths break the law, but there is significant evidence that one contributing factor is deficits in prosocial reasoning (McMurran & McGuire, 2005).

How do we help youths stop reacting impulsively and, instead, think through their options and make prosocial choices that are good for others but also make life better for themselves?

The Being a Pro treatment model is the result of Dr. Ralph’s 35 years of clinical experience working intensively with juvenile probation youths. After studying the use of Aggression Replacement Training, an effective but lengthy, 30-session prosocial treatment method at a Stockton, California residential treatment center for youths, Dr. Ralph designed an equally effective treatment approach that is only 10 modules in length, easier to implement, can be done in one-to-one sessions or groups, and is based on current developmental and neuropsychological theory. 

In this webinar, Dr. Ralph will discuss the evidence behind the Being a Pro model, the outcomes studies supporting the effectiveness of the approach, and how to use the materials he has developed for treatment professionals to successfully use the approach — including the Being a Pro Teen Workbook and free supplemental materials: the Counselor Manual, Research and Theory Manual, Pre- and Post-Tests for assessing outcomes, and a training video — all available through Safer Society Press.