Webinar Recording: Applying a Neuroscience and Psychosocial Development Framework to Testifying in Juvenile Cases

In this webinar, Tom Leversee presents a framework for expert witnesses that focuses on brain science, developmental age/crime trajectories, and psychosocial maturity and desistance.    

Mental health professionals in the juvenile justice system frequently serve as expert witnesses in court cases in which juveniles face the possibility of being prosecuted as adults. Many youths have been directly entered into the adult court system due to the seriousness of their offense(s), when the welfare of both the youth in question and society as a whole would be better served if the youth were to be assigned to juvenile court. Neuroscience and psychosocial development have supported the findings that adolescents are less capable of mature judgement, more vulnerable to negative external influences, and have a greater capacity for change and reform.

This webinar focuses on the scientific evidence that may be persuasive in such cases.