Using the Becoming the Man/Woman I Want to Be Workbooks for Adults with Problematic Behaviors

Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 2:15 p.m. ET /
8:00 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. PT

Cost of Training and Certificate of Attendance: $60

Please note: This training is not eligible for CE credits.

Each registration includes a certificate for attendance. To be eligible for a certificate, you must attend the entire live training and complete an evaluation form within 24 hours following the live event.

The Becoming the Man/Woman I Want to Be workbooks were designed for professionals working with adults with harmful and otherwise problematic behaviors toward others. The workbooks were written to be engaging for clients whose adverse childhood experiences and problem behaviors have caused them to fall behind academically, socially, and interpersonally throughout their lives. Based on the Good Lives Model (GLM), the workbooks assist clinicians working with adults whose behaviors have caused harm to others (including sexual and non-sexual violence). The workbooks take the more complicated elements of the GLM and operationalize them for treatment settings.

After this training, participants better understand how to use the workbooks in treatment. The training begins by reviewing the core principles of the GLM and then offers ideas for how clinicians and counselors can use each section. Central to this training is its focus on dovetailing the GLM and these workbooks with Motivational Interviewing skills and the principles of Trauma-Informed Care.

The GLM is a strengths-based rehabilitation practice framework that augments the risk, need, and responsivity principles of effective correctional intervention by focusing on assisting clients to develop and implement meaningful life plans incompatible with future offending. The GLM was originally developed as a rehabilitation framework for use with adults who have harmed others. This workshop focuses on how the GLM—when properly applied—can be an effective treatment model.

Training registrants will receive a free digital copy of the Counselor’s Edition for both the Men and Women workbooks.

Key topics discussed during this training:

  • Core Principles of the Good Lives Model
  • The role of the therapist in using Becoming Who I Want to Be
  • Applications of Becoming Who I Want to Be in group and individual treatment
  • Translating the GLM’s ten “Primary human goods” into the eight “good life goals”
  • Addressing clients’ obstacles to a “good life plan” in the past, present, and future

In addition to focusing on the best use of the available workbooks, this training closely examines many individual tenets (e.g., approach goals, primary human goods of the GLM). Consideration is given to family involvement and how the etiology of harmful behaviors often results from developmental adversity and challenges in attaining specific goals that are common to all human beings.

Safer Society Press published two workbooks in this series. Please click the title below to view the workbooks in our webstore:

Note: We recognize that gender can play dramatically different roles in clients’ lives. As a result, we recommend that each professional, in consultation with their individual clients, determine which workbook is a better fit for a given person.

As a result of attending this training, participants will be better able to:
1)     Describe how to work with the “good life goals” in Becoming the Man/Woman I Want to Be.
2)     Explain how to work with the “good life goals” that are implicated in harmful behavior.
3)     Describe four obstacles to achieving one’s “good life goals.”

Three Hours of Training
The training session starts at 11:00 am Eastern Time and runs until 2:15 pm. The charge is $60. Each registration includes a certificate for attendance. To be eligible for a certificate, you must attend the entire live training and complete an evaluation form within 24 hours following the live event.

We can refund your training fee up to 24 hours prior to the start of the training.

David Prescott, LICSW, ATSA-F
Director, Continuing Education Program, Safer Society

David Prescott, LICSW, ATSA-F is our Director of the Continuing Education Center and a mental health practitioner of 39 years. He is the author and editor of 25 books in the areas of understanding and improving services to at-risk clients. He is best known for his work in the areas of understanding, assessing, and treating sexual violence and trauma. Mr. Prescott is the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Contribution award from the Association for the Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse (ATSA), the 2018 recipient of the National Adolescent Perpetration Network’s C. Henry Kempe Lifetime Achievement award, and the 2022 recipient of the Fay Honey Knopp Award from the New York State Alliance for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse and New York State ATSA. He also served as ATSA President in 2008-09. Mr. Prescott currently trains and lectures around the world. His published work has been translated into Japanese, Korean, German, French, and Polish. He has served on the editorial boards of four scholarly journals.

Additional Information

This training is for professionals working with people who have experienced complex trauma as well as people who have perpetrated abuse. Professionals who will benefit from this training include social workers, psychologists, clinical counselors, and interested paraprofessionals.

Content Level
Introductory to Intermediate

The presenter does not have published materials related to this training from which they may benefit financially.

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