Upcoming Price Increase

Raising the price of our books is a last resort, something we resist as long as possible. Supply chain and labor issues have led to increased printing costs. Add that to the increased costs of warehousing and shipping, and we find ourselves forced to nudge up the costs on our workbooks.

Starting February 1st, these workbooks will have the following new prices:

CodeTitleNew Price Starting Feb. 1st
WP022Relapse Prevention Workbook for Youth               25.00
WP085Adult Relapse Prevention Workbook               31.00
WP117Choices               34.00
WP122Roadmaps to Recovery               32.00
WP146Pathways               32.00
WP148Healthy Families               18.00
WP152Building A Better life               32.00
WP172FFM Youth Workbook               26.00
WP175Being A Pro               16.00
WP193Passport to Independence               32.00
WP225The Road to Freedom               32.00
WP229Familias sanas (Healthy Families)               18.00

Remember, that we still offer free shipping within the United States on orders of $75 or more. And the following bulk discounts remain in effect for all our workbooks:

15 to 39 copies = 10%

40 to 74 copies = 20%

75 copies or more = 30%

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Email: info@safersociety.org
Phone: (802) 247-3132

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