Train with Safer Society on Adolescent Social Media Usage

Social media usage is higher than ever and is part of most people’s daily routine — regardless of age. However, many children and adolescents are joining social media platforms, and while that can be beneficial to increase socialization, there is content that is not appropriate for them.

According to the American Psychological Association, training in social media literacy is essential in creating safer online environments for youths. Safer Society’s upcoming training, Pornography, Social Media, and Teens: What Could Go Wrong? And What Can Be Done to Make it Go Less Wrong? does this by addressing the impact pornography and social media have on teens.

APA President Thema Bryant, Ph.D. stated, “because young people mature at different rates, some are more vulnerable than others to the content and features on many social media platforms that science has demonstrated can influence healthy development.” Although youths’ needs and privacy are important, as their social media literacy increases, so will their social media autonomy. This APA approved training with Seth Wescott and David Prescott will discuss healthy social media use as well as current trends and ethical dilemmas such as:

  • The role of social media apps and websites such as Snapchat, MeetMe, Yubo, Kik, and TikTok
  • Limiting screen time versus teaching its best use
  • The balance between encouraging healthy behaviors and discouraging unhealthy behaviors.

Join us and gain insight into how you and other professionals can help adolescents navigate the complexities of sexual development in a climate that encourages viewers to “like” and “subscribe.”

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