Three New Titles from Safer Society Press

Safer Society Press has recently published three titles, Healthy Families, Building a Better Life, and the second edition of The Difficult Connection.

Healthy Families, by Timothy J. Kahn, helps parents of youth with sexual behavior problems understand and be engaged with their child’s treatment. It provides an overview of the legal process and offers suggestions for getting help. Also included is information about supporting siblings, helping the victim, establishing a healthy family environment, and reunifying the family. Specific information for parents whose children are using either the Pathways or Roadmaps to Recovery workbooks are included in an appendix. This book replaces the very popular Pathways Guide for Parents. For more information about Healthy Families, click here.

Pamela M. Yates and David S. Prescott have followed up their acclaimed Applying the Good Lives and Self-Regulation Models to Sex Offender Treatment with a client workbook. Building a Better Life: A Good Lives and Self-Regulation Workbook is not intended as a stand-alone sex offender treatment workbook, but supplements sex offense specific treatment by guiding clients in developing a plan for living that focuses on healthy, pro-social goals and ways to obtain them. Extensive exercises allow each participant to consider his or her life holistically and to integrate what they’ve learned in treatment into their future life plan. Click here to learn more.

Therapists who work with people who have sexual behavior problems face unique challenges. The Difficult Connection speaks to the isolation and burnout that therapists often feel. Reading this book is like finding a mentor, someone who understands and can point you in the right direction. Author Geral Blanchard has revised and updated the information in the second edition of this essential work. More information about the title is available here.

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