The Road to Freedom, 4th Edition

The Road to Freedom has been a staple of adult offender treatment for two decades. In this new, fourth edition, the authors have incorporated contemporary theories, models, and evidence-informed best practices for prevention of sexual re-offending, while keeping the structure of the previous edition to allow for easy transition from old to new.

A Note From the Authors

As we thought about revising The Road to Freedom (RTF4) workbook, we wanted to bring it up to date with contemporary, evidence-informed strategies to engage clients in an informative, interactive, and non-judgmental way. We want to speak to clients, and with clients, not at clients. The RTF4 is a safe place for self-exploration and personal growth… clients can share things they’ve never said out loud before.

The RTF4 program is strengths-based, client-centered, trauma-informed, and based on RNR principles. The workbook is designed to help clients to progress at their own pace, giving them some autonomy and self-direction. Every client’s risks and needs are unique, but the workbook can be used collectively (in group treatment) and individually with an aim to reduce dynamic risk and facilitate completion of treatment goals.

The RTF4 workbook presents traditional sex-offending treatment (SOTX) goals in the context of broader positive change in clients lives. For instance, the program focuses on enabling client accountability (not simply offense culpability), correcting distorted cognitive schema about self and others (not just distortions about sexual abuse), understanding personal risk domains to enhance general, sexual, and emotional self-regulation (which translates to relapse prevention), engaging in positive relationship-building and healthy communication skills (reducing intimacy deficits), and improving the ability to understand the perspectives of others (AKA empathy). The RTF4 seeks to help clients prevent future offending and enhance their own well-being.