The MASOC/MATSA Conference and thoughts on why we do this work

Safer Society Press author David Prescott blogged about his experiences at the 2019 MASOC/MATSA Conference.

“Outsiders naturally wonder: what is it that makes the experience so special? In the end, the MASOC/MATSA conference magic comes down to the people who organize and participate in it.”

Presenter’s and participants of the conference came from all over the world, including Australia, Sweden, California, and Iceland. David expresses his gratitude for such a gathering of so many people who are “united in a common cause.” We are sure he speaks for many attendees when he says that he felt immensely restored following the conference.

“In the end, my thinking about our work, refreshed by my colleagues at the MASOC-MATSA conference is that it is time not only to influence the direction of public dialog and policy, but that we can do so by asking the right questions based on our empirical and practical knowledge.”

Having attended the conference selling Safer Society books, we concur with David and congratulate the organizers of the MASOC/MATSA conference for a job well done!

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