Teen Girls and Mental Wellness

“Young people are telling us that they are in crisis.” – Dr. Kathleen Ethier

In the fall of 2021, the CDC gave adolescents in high school The Youth Risk Behavior Survey, and the results were shocking. The survey found that “three in five teenage girls felt persistent sadness.” The girls felt this persistent sadness at double the rate of the boys.

Safer Society’s upcoming free live webinar, Strategies for Helping Teen Girls with Their Mental Health Struggles, will address how professionals and caregivers can help teen girls by emphasizing social supports, showcasing achievements, empowering women, and reconsidering social media.

As the authors of the article state, “the rates of sadness are the highest reported in a decade, reflecting a long-brewing national tragedy only made worse by the isolation and stress of the pandemic.”

Join Safer Society and take this small step of attending this webinar, to help teenage girls and their mental wellness.

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