An Existential Understanding of Male Sexuality and Men’s Problematic Sexual Behaviors

This webinar presentation and interview will focus on the existential lives of men and how much of men’s concerns can be understood through the functioning of the penis. Additionally, the abusive and problematic sexual behavior of some men will be examined through an existential psychotherapy lens with clinical strategies for treatment the ultimate goal. The webinar will begin with a brief overview of existential psychotherapy and the evolution of couples and sex therapies and explore how sexual dysfunction can result from trauma.

The Good Lives Model with Justice-Involved Women

The Good Lives Model (GLM) has become a popular framework for the treatment of people who have caused harm to others. It is suitable for treatment providers and program administrators working in prison, civil commitment, and community-based settings. Preliminary evidence suggests that, integrated appropriately, the GLM offers potential for improving outcomes of treatment programs that follow a cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approach and that operate according to the Risk, Need, and Responsivity (RNR) principles. For example, research suggests that the GLM’s focus on engaging clients in the treatment process enhances treatment engagement, an important element of program