Our Safe Haven: Online Support Sessions for Professionals Working with Clients Around the Holidays

As a mental health professional, you face various challenges due to the increased stress and emotional struggles experienced by many clients around the holidays. You often need to provide additional support, coping strategies, and resources to help individuals navigate these times. Each Our Safe Haven session will provide attendees with a safe, non-threatening space to create connections with those who also feel the weight of the Holiday season.

What Can We Learn from One of Our Field’s Founders?

Bill’s work has shed light on understanding and assessing abuse-related sexual interests, how and why treatment can work, the characteristics of effective therapists, and the importance of strengths-based treatment approaches. Those who studied with Bill quickly found that he personified the values and principles of the most effective scientist-practitioners. In this webinar, David Prescott interviews Bill and Liam Marshall, Bill’s son and long-time colleague, about Bill’s life and career.

Using the Becoming Who I Want to Be Workbooks for Adolescents with Problematic Behaviors

The Becoming Who I Want to Be workbooks for young men and women were designed for professionals working with youths with problematic behaviors toward others. The workbooks were written to be fun and engaging for clients whose adverse childhood experiences and problem behaviors have caused them to fall behind academically, socially, and interpersonally. Based on the Good Lives Model (GLM), the workbooks assist clinicians working with adolescents and young people whose behaviors have caused harm to others (including sexual and non-sexual violence).