Supplemental Materials for Footprints 2nd Edition Available

We are pleased to announce that the supplemental materials for the second edition of Footprints are now available for free download. All of the information directed to clinicians  has been removed from the client workbook and placed in the new, separate Clinician’s Guide. The Guide provides information about selected exercises and materials and includes a list of additional resources.

The first edition of Footprints included a sexual history form in Step 4. This form has been removed from the workbook and made into a digital form. Clinicians now have the ability to modify the form to best meet the needs of each client. The form is formatted to work with all versions of Microsoft Word from 97 on.

Due to space limitations the pictures in the Word to Know section of the second edition were eliminated. The expanded version provides space for clients to add pictures to help them understand and remember these important words. Some entries have a starting illustration. Like the Clinicians’ Guide, this is a PDF file.

To download these materials, click here. You can also access supplemental materials for this and other Safer Society titles by clicking on the Safer Society Press box on the left side of the home page and selecting Supplemental Materials from the list of Quick Links.

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