Safer Society Press publishes books and other resources for professionals who treat, educate, supervise, and provide social services to children and adolescents whose life circumstances place them at risk of poor social, emotional, and physical health, cognitive difficulties, and problematic behaviors throughout their lives.

Do you have a book, or book idea, you think Safer Society Press might publish?

We are a small publisher—selective about the books we can most effectively publish and promote—but we are always open to considering proposals. If you would like us to consider your proposal, it should provide the following information:

  • As specifically as possible, describe your book: What is it about and what is its purpose? A tentative outline of the chapters would be very helpful.
  • Tell us your qualifications for writing this book. Why would people trust your opinion?
  • Define the audience and tell us why they need the book. Who should read the book and how will they benefit from doing so?
  • Are there other books on this topic? Why is this book an improvement?
  • Please do not submit a manuscript. If we think your proposed book is something Safer Society Press should consider for publication, we will ask you to supply additional materials.

Submit your book proposal to Stephen Zeoli, Director of Safer Society Press, via his email. Steve will acknowledge receipt of your emailed proposal within two business days of receiving it.

Thank you for your interest in Safer Society Press.