Do you have a book you think Safer Society Press might publish? Safer Society Press is very selective about which books we can publish, but we are open to reading your proposals. Your book should fall into one of these categories:

  • A workbook for survivors of sexual abuse
  • A workbook for perpetrators of sexual harm
  • A guidebook for professionals working with victims or perpetrators of sexual harm
  • A workbook on a related topic

Please provide the following information with your proposal:

  • As specifically as possible, describe your book. What is the book about and what is its purpose?
  • Tell us your qualifications for writing this book. Why would people trust your opinion?
  • Define the audience and tell us why they need the book. Who should read the book and how will the benefit from doing so?
  • Are there other books on this topic? Why is this book an improvement?
  • Provide an outline of the book.
  • Please do not submit a manuscript. If we think your proposed book is something Safer Society Press should consider for publication, we will ask you to supply additional materials.

Please send this information via e-mail to this address.

Allow three weeks for a response.