Set of 4 Stages of Accomplishment Workbooks

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Set of 4 Stages of Accomplishment Workbooks

Set of 4 Stages of Accomplishment Workbooks

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Set of 4 Stages of Accomplishment Workbooks

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Stages of Accomplishment, 2nd Edition 
by Phil Rich

Stages of Accomplishment is a set of four inter-related workbooks that assist in the treatment of sexually abusive or sexually troubled adolescents. Building from simpler ideas to more complex and richer concepts, the workbooks take youth through a series of guided exercises that touch on many of the most significant elements of treatment.

The second edition of Stages retains the same character as the first, but with a change in language to reflect contemporary thoughts and ideas, a greater focus on adverse childhood experiences and a trauma-informed approach, and a greater focus on rehabilitation, strengths, and planning for success, with new material and chapters.

Stage 1, an Introduction to Treatment, focuses upon basic concepts and sets the foundation for the workbooks that follow. New to the 2nd Edition: Strength-based rehabilitation as a key goal of treatment.

Stage 2, Understanding Yourself, helps youth focus upon and understand emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and thinking errors. New to the 2nd Edition: A chapter on trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Stage 3, Understanding Dysfunctional Behavior, identifies and works through behavioral cycles, safe behavior, and relapse prevention. New to the 2nd Edition: The relapse prevention plan has been recast as safe behavior plan.

Stage 4, Hitting The Target: Making Change Permanent, addresses empathy, victim awareness, community service, communication skills, and healthy relationships. New to the 2nd Edition: A new chapter on planning for success.

Augmenting individualized treatment, the workbooks are designed to be used in community-based or residential care settings. The accompanying Clinician’s Manual (available as a free PDF) will help guide therapists in their use of the workbooks, and includes supplemental tests to ensure retention of learning.

Available individually or in sets

The Stages of Accomplishment workbooks can be purchased individually or you can purchase them in sets of four at a savings of $16.00 per set.

One copy each of the four Stages of Accomplishment workbooks
Order#: GP213

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    Good afternoon,
    My agency, SC Department of Juvenile Justice, is interested in previewing a set of workbooks in an effort to determine if we want to add them to our libraries and use with our Juveniles who act out sexually. The name of the workbooks are Stages of Accomplishment series of 4 books. Is there a way to get a desk set for review? Thank you.

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