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Becoming Who I Want to Be / Young Men

Becoming Who I Want to Be / Young Men

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Becoming Who I Want to Be / Young Men

Model Number: WP194
A workbook based on the Good Lives Model of rehabilitation for adolescent boys and young men with problematic behaviors.
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Categories: Good Lives Model
Manufacturer: Safer Society Press
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Becoming Who I Want to Be
A Good Lives Workbook for Young Men

by David S. Prescott, LICSW

About the Workbook
This workbook, based on the Good Lives Model (GLM) of rehabilitation, is intended for use with young men (early adolescence into early adulthood) whose behaviors have been problematic in a wide range of areas. It can be used in both group and individual counseling modalities.

In consultation with a panel of practicing professionals who work with troubled youths, the author and publisher have written and designed this workbook for young men and boys whose adverse childhood experiences and problem behaviors have caused them to fall behind grade level in their reading skills and attention span.

As shown in these sample pages the book was written and designed to be fun to read and easy to comprehend.

Inside the young men's edition.

About the Good Lives Model

The Good Lives Model (GLM) has come into widespread use around the world. Originally designed with a focus on people who have sexually abused, the GLM has been modified for use with people who have exhibited a variety of harmful behaviors.

Although the GLM has been widely accepted by clinicians as an overarching rehabilitation framework for the treatment of sexual offending, it is relatively new to counselors who work with the wider population of court-involved youths. For those counselors, this workbook is supplemented by a Counselor's Edition.

About the Counselor's Edition
(Now Available!)

The Counselor's Edition provides an introduction to the Good Live Model and, as seen below, author annotations that track the pages of the client workbook. The author's annotations explain the purpose of exercises and stories and offer suggestions for how to use the material in the workbook to engage clients in conversations about the concepts and how they apply in the clients' own lives.

Click here to learn more.

About the Audio Files
(Available Now!)

Concepts in the workbook are illustrated by "real life" case stories and examples. To help those clients who would get more out of listening to the stories than reading them, a set of 19 mp3 audio files of author David Prescott reading every story in the book is available for download free of charge.

Please click here to learn how to listen and/or download!

NOTE: The workbook for young women will be accompanied by its own Counselor's Edition and Audio Files.


132 pages, paper

Order#: WP194

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