SSP17: A Conversation with David Prescott & Dr. Tyffani Dent about Applying the Good Lives Model in Work with Court-Involved Teenagers & Young Adults

David S. Prescott

is a licensed clinical social worker who has published 17 books
and numerous articles on sexual violence, the good lives model of treatment, motivational interviewing, and trauma-informed care. He has also lectured throughout the world on these subjects.

Dr. Tyffani Dent

is a licensed psychologist with more than 15 years’ experience working with adolescents involved with Juvenile Justice and Child Protective Services. Her professional work has focused primarily on the school-to-prison pipeline and issues of mental health in Black and Brown girls and women.

In this episode:

  • David Prescott begins with a history of the good lives model (GLM) and its beginnings as a treatment framework for adult sexual abusers.
  • He then talks about how the GLM has evolved as a framework for working with a wide variety of offenders, not just sexual abusers.
  • Finally, he talks about how the GLM has been modified for work with young men and boys.
  • Tyffani Dent joins the conversation to talk about its application with young women and girls.

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