SSP16: A Conversation with Dr. Franca Cortoni About Women Who Sexually Abuse

Dr. Franca Cortoni presents Current Issues in the Assessment, Treatment, and Management of Female Sexual Abusers

Dr. Franca Cortoni is one of the world’s leading experts on women who sexually abuse. She is currently a full time faculty member of the University of Montreal School of Criminology, a research fellow at the International Center of Comparative Criminology, and president of ATSA (Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers).

In this episode, Dr. Cortoni:

  • Expels the popular myth that there is no such thing as a woman who purposefully choose to sexually abuse.
  • Explains why we cannot apply to women the same tools that have been developed for assessing risk of recidivism in men.
  • Talks about gender differences in treatment and management needs.

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– Women Who Sexually Abuse: Assessment, Treatment, and Management, by Franca Cortoni – Dr. Cortoni reviews what we currently know about women who engaged in sexually abusive behavior and recommends best practices for the assessment, treatment and management of female sexual offenders

Safer Society Handbook of Sexual Abuser Assessment and Treatment, Chapter 15, Working with Women Who Sexually Offend, by Franca Cortoni, a pdf downloadable.

Comments 4

  1. This podcast was very interesting and helpful with practical explanation about women that sexually abuse. Well worth the time to listen.

  2. Torland E. Cornelius-Adkins LCSW, BCD, Ph. d. (Candidate)

    This podcast was very informative. I look forward to future conversations with Dr. Cortoni.

  3. The question I would have is, if women are a far lesser risk to reoffend, is treatment necessary? Realizing that numbers are low and research difficult to determine because of low numbers, still wondering if treatment effects reoffending, or is it just a reaction to being caught and convicted?

  4. Greetings wonderful interview I have worked with female offenders on a peer to peer level helping them through the process from the abuse they received from childhood it was great hearing about female offenders as there is not much information out there.
    I am survived both sides of the fence from childhood sexual abuse but I harder time understanding why women do.
    I will definitely listen to this interview again.
    Best Regards

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