SSP13 (Part 2 of 2): Panel Discussion of the #MeToo Movement

In Part 2 of this discussion we rejoin the panel to discuss:

  • How men need to rethink their ways of behaving
  • The goal of publicizing individuals’ harmful acts should be prevention rather than revenge
  • The need to expand the dialog to include the harm experienced in marginalized populations

David S. Prescott is a licensed clinical social worker who has published 17 books
and numerous articles in the area of sexual violence, trauma,
and psychotherapy and has lectured in these areas around the
world. David will be the moderator of the panel.

Dr. Alissa Ackerman-Acklin is a sex crimes policy researcher at California State University, Fullerton. As a public survivor of sexual violence, Alissa uses her personal experience and her professional expertise to bridge connections between individuals who have experienced sexual victimization and individuals who have perpetrated it.

Dr. Kieran McCartan is an associate professor of Criminology at the University of West of England in the UK and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Australia’s Queensland University of Technology. Kieran researches and publishes on the subjects of sex offender risk management, reintegration, and the prevention of sexual abuse.

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  1. My son is not a abuser he looked at child porn 1st curiosity then lead to addiction. I am not condoning this. What I do not understand is he has touched no children ever. He was charge for rape which was his step sister and she initiated it. HIs dad sperm donor wanted him in prison. He never seen his son and when he did he wanted him to pay rent. He used his (my sons car) he has 16 kids!!! Been on disability since 26. I married him at 19 left after 6 months. My parents sent me to Fla live with family. I was pregnant WOW. I had to wait to divorce him. HE Ronald Parr DID molest little girls back in 1975. He got off on a character witness that vouched for him LOL he was worse then he was. My son got his genes and I believe that totally with all my heart. Sticking him in jail does not help. It is a issue he is ill. He went to Melymbrosia in Canton OH. They released him said he was fine. That was money down the drain He is getting no help in jail and he is not going to be able to find a place to live.So, that makes them lie. No one wants someone to say hey you have a sex offender living with you. I have researched and MANY sex offenders who touched kids let people know the address they still offend or murder children. Looking at the porn is bad but he never touched any kid. IF you looked I see no reason to be in prison and register. It only makes it all worse. I am his mom I know. He is getting no treatment and he will not get better. He needs help in there. He will never touch a child. He has had many kids around him and they all were interviewed they love him.. He bought and felt bad for many of them . He did 0 ever to any child. This just makes he worse and want to hide and not be seen instead of getting out there and doing what he needs to do. It is wasting tax payers money, wasting mine as I try to get him things. So, I am being punished and I never have been in trouble. It has 0 to do with me it is his sperm donor and not ever seeing him but 3 times in his life he got his genes. He is smart, he has a good heart and he would help anyone in need. You, know this porn thing is a money maker. IT CAN BE STOPPED they can trace the address of the people who publish this or remove it. Someone high up does not want that to happen. This would cease if they would remove it. That is all I will say. Thank you Sherry

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