SSP12 (Part 1 of 2): Panel Discussion of the #MeToo Movement

In this two-part discussion, a panel of three experts on the prevention of sexual abuse and the rehabilitation of sexual abusers share their reactions to the national conversation sparked by the #MeToo movement.  The members of the panel are:

David S. Prescott

is a licensed clinical social worker who has published 17 books
and numerous articles in the area of sexual violence, trauma,
and psychotherapy and has lectured in these areas around the
world.David will be the moderator of the panel.

Dr. Alissa Ackerman-Acklin

is a sex crimes policy researcher at California State University, Fullerton. As a public survivor of sexual violence, Alissa uses her personal experience and her professional expertise to bridge connections between individuals who have experienced sexual victimization and individuals who have perpetrated it.

Dr. Kieran McCartan

is an associate professor of Criminology at the University of West of England in the UK and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Australia’s Queensland University of Technology. Kieran researches and publishes on the subjects of sex offender risk management, reintegration, and the prevention of sexual abuse.

In Part 1 of this discussion the panel talks about:

  • How people should understand the range of harm that can be caused by sexual misconduct
  • The problems that arise when all levels of harmful behavior are lumped together
  • The broader solutions that lie in changing socialization and social norms

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