SSP05: A Conversation with Maia Christopher about ATSA’s New Adolescent Treatment Guidelines

Maia Christopher, Executive Director of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA), gives listeners a preview of the new adolescent treatment guidelines and how changes in our understanding of adolescent behavior and brain development are impacting best practices in adolescent treatment.

Listen to Maia explain:

  • Research evidence which shows that adolescents are different from adults, especially in terms of brain development.
  • Why, unlike the adult brain, the adolescent brain is still not fully in control of impulse behavior.
  • Current knowledge in child and adolescent development, which should be used to inform treatment practices

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  1. Didn’t she get fired from ATSA for her bullying and unethical behavior? Didn’t numerous board members leave after complaining about how she ran the organization into the ground for her own self-interest?

    1. Post

      We can’t comment on the internal personnel matters of other organizations, even if we were privy to them. Whatever the details, Maia answered to a board of directors. As an organization, ATSA enjoys continued success. Last fall, Maia returned to the ATSA conference after she left the organization and gave a very well-received goodbye speech.

      Maia has left behind a legacy of contributions, from the ongoing health of ATSA and its conference, to the production of key documents on policy, assessment, and treatment. Safer Society always had a collegial and mutually productive relationship with Maia Christopher. We wish her nothing but good fortune in her current and future endeavors.

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