SSP04: A Conversation with Steven Sawyer about Group Therapy with Sexual Abusers

Some people jokingly describe group therapy as “one-on-one therapy with an audience.” In this particular episode, Steve Sawyer, President of Sawyer Solutions, LLC, a private clinical and consulting practice, shares some practical advice for listeners who facilitate groups and would like to learn more about engaging their groups’ full potential.

Listen to Steve discuss:

    • essential elements of effective group facilitation
    • the importance of group cohesion
    • methods of assessing group effectiveness

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Comments 2

  1. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker of 30+ years of working with young people in various settings. On the surface the concepts discussed in Steve’s book appear to be equally applicable to adolescent groups as well as adult group of sexual offenders. Is this true?

    The general concepts and background (non sex offender specific) materials mentioned also seem applicable to a more general population. For example I work with adolescent boys and girls who are not considered sexual offenders but are dealing with issues of trauma which may include being victims of abuse (physical as well as sexual) and neglect. These youth are struggling with self-esteem, self harming behaviors, substance abuse, other sexual behavioral issues, etc. When I read the material provided as an overview, i.e. the table of contents, I occurred to me that these young people need the group structure described in what I saw. Am I thinking along the right lines?

  2. Good questions, Greg. I’ll ask Steve Sawyer to add a comment in reply, as it may be useful for other professionals in our podcast audience to consider your question and read his answer.

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