Spanish Good Lives workbook for young men

Convirtiéndome en la
persona que quiero ser

Un libro de trabajo para jóvenes que desean
alcanzar una buena vida

by Maiteé Soto, PsyD
Alejandro Leguízamo, PhD
David S. Prescott, LICSW


The Spanish-language edition of Becoming Who I Want to Be: A Good Lives Workbook for Young Men is now available.

The workbook is intended for use with young men (early adolescence into early adulthood) with problem behaviors in a wide range of areas. The book can be used in both group and individual counseling modalities.

Culturally Aware

Acknowledging the need for sensitivity to cultural differences, this edition is more than a straight translation. The authors have incorporated changes to make the workbook more relatable to young men from Mexican and other Spanish-speaking backgrounds. (To learn more, watch the brief video and/or read the book introduction below.)

Inside each workbook

  • Full color illustrations
  • One chapter for each of the eight good life goals. Fourteen chapters in all.
  • Concepts expressed in simple language
  • Realistic, culturally sensitive, case stories to drive those concepts home