Setting the Standard for Disclosure in Treatment by David Prescott – ATSA Blog 

In case you missed it, our colleague David Prescott has written a new article for the ATSA blog titled “Setting the Standard for Disclosure in Treatment.” In the article, David probes the question “…how – and whether – to treat individuals who are denying, minimizing, or simply don’t want to discuss their past behaviors.”

The topic is complex, of course, but David helpfully begins the process of providing answers, starting with the following:

“The revelation that denial did not emerge as a risk factor continues to surprise professionals entering the field to this day, and many interesting papers have resulted from this finding.”

David presents a number of steps to approaching a solution, which are suggested by the literature. But the big answer is, Yes. Society will likely be safer if you provide treatment even to those who deny or minimize their offenses.

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