Self-Care for Practitioners

“Almost half (45%) (of psychologists surveyed) reported feeling burned out in 2022, with similar levels reported in 2020 (41%) and 2021 (48%)”
Luona LinAssefa Meron, and Karen Stamm, PhD

A recent article published by the APA highlights the pressure that psychologists face from increased workload. Global and local issues, as well as the aftermath of the pandemic, have affected professionals and clients alike. Professionals are providing services to disenfranchised people and populations while enduring unprecedented stressors.  

Join Safer Society for a training on practicing self-care. This workshop begins with the recent literature and results from surveys in 2020 and 2023 examining the impact of the pandemic and self-care among people working with justice-involved clients. Discussion follows, including the emotional, physical, and interpersonal effects of the past few years. The training next reviews time-honored and evidenced-based self-care techniques and activities for helping busy professionals reduce their vulnerability to stress; enhance emotion regulation; employ daily strategies to unite body and mind; cope from a place of calm during times of distress; and, when difficult days get the better of us (as they often can), to re-center, reset, and repair. It encourages participants to create their list of “non-negotiables,” those self-care activities (such as sleep or spiritual practices) that one refuses to compromise.

This training is for all professionals who work in stressful environments. It aims to honor our intention to take care of ourselves every day and to highlight some of the best-known strategies that can assist us and our clients.

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