Footprints 2nd Edition

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Additional Resources for Footprints

Three additional free resources are available for those working with the second edition of the Footprints workbook. A link to each and a quick description are provided below.

The Footrprints 2 Clinicians Guide provides information for clinicians, including suggestions for using some of the materials and exercises, plus a list of additional resources. All information directed to clinicians has been removed from the client workbook and placed in the Clinician’s Guide. This is a PDF file.

The Sexual History Form included in Step 4 of the first edition has been removed from the workbook and made into a digital form. More information about using the form is in the Clinician’s Guide. This is a Microsoft Word document in a format compatible with Word 97 and all later versions.

Expanded Words to Know provides additional space so that clients may draw or paste pictures for each entry to help them understand and remember important words. Some entries in the expanded list have a starting picture. This is a PDF file.