Healthy Families

A Guide for Parents of Children and Adolescents with Sexual Behavior Problems

By Timothy J. Kahn, MSW

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Current research indicates that parental involvement makes a valuable contribution to the successful treatment of children with sexual behavior problems. Timothy Kahn, author of Pathways, the best-selling adolescent treatment workbook, and Roadmaps to Recovery, a treatment workbook for children, has written Healthy Families to help parents effectively engage in their child’s treatment. The book gives parents the knowledge they need to make positive, informed, and healthy decisions as their children proceed through the treatment process in any type of outpatient or residential treatment program. Healthy Families includes an appendix with specific information for parents whose children are using Pathways or Roadmaps to Recovery in treatment; however, all parents with kids in treatment will benefit from the information in Healthy Families, and consequently so will their children.

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About the Author

Timothy J. Kahn is a nationally recognized clinician and trainer in the field of sexual offender treatment. In Washington State, he is a licensed Clinical Independent Social Worker, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and a Certified Sexual Offender Treatment Provider.

His book, Pathways: A Guided Workbook for Youth Beginning Treatment, now in its fourth edition, has served as a valuable treatment tool in both outpatient and residential programs across the United States and in other parts of the world. His other guided workbook, Roadmaps to Recovery, second edition, provides a framework for the treatment of young people with sexual behavior problems.

Mr. Kahn is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Washington School of Social Work. He served as chairman of the Washington State Sex Offender Treatment Provide Advisory Committee, which has developed evaluation and treatment standards and licensing requirements for counselors treating adolescent and adult sex offenders in Washington. He has been instrumental in the development of training and treatment programs in British Columbia and Washington State, and he regularly consults with a number of residential treatment agencies and foster care agencies in the Pacific Northwest. Most importantly, he is the father of three boys and the grandfather of two young girls and one young boy.

Mr. Kahn currently maintains a private clinical and consultation practice in Bellevue, Washington, where he evaluates and treats children, adolescents, and adults with sexual behavior problems.


“I have found the new Healthy Families from Safer Society to be a major contributor to the education and stabilization of families where one of the youth in the family has sexually offended. One of the most important factors is keep the public and other family members safe as well as keeping the offender safe. This book clearly points out the information and behaviors needed by the adults in the family to do exactly that. Thank you Safer Society for making this available. I use it as one of my chaperone training tools.”

Wendell W., MA, LCMHC, Conway, New Hampshire

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