Footprints Second Edition

Steps to a Healthy Life


by Krishan Hansen and Timothy J. Kahn


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Footprints: Steps to a Healthy Life is for developmentally disabled adults and adolescents with sexual behavior problems, clients with learning disabilities, attention deficits, and less than average cognitive abilities. When originally published in 2006, Footprints was the only workbook dedicated to treatment of this challenging population.

The second edition reflects evolving theories and emerging practices of treatment.

New in the Second Edition

  • Positive and Goal-oriented: For the second edition, Footprints has been revised to provide a more positive, goal-oriented approach in line with the Good Lives Model of treatment.
  • Self Tests: Each of the 16 “step” chapters now ends with a self test to help reinforce the concepts learned in that step.
  • Flash Cards: A set of 48 pocket-sized, perforated flash cards are bound into the back of the book. The cards can be personalized by the client and carried with them for reference and reinforcement.
  • Clinician’s Guide: A separate Clinician’s Guide helps clinicians make the most effective use of Footprints for treating clients. The Guide is available as a free download from our website. Click here to download it and to see other supplemental materials available.

Developmentally disabled individuals experience sexual and physical abuse at rates 50 to 60 percent higher than that of other groups. They are more prone to demonstrate sexual behavior problems. Footprints is an effective tool for providing caring, effective treatment of this population. To order copies from our web store, please click here.

About the Authors

Krishan Hansen received his master’s degree in social work from the University of Washington. He has been working with children and adults with problem or illegal sexual behavior since 2000, focusing on developmentally disabled persons. Krishan also contributed to the book Practical Treatment Strategies for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, edited by Gerry Blasingame.

Timothy J. Kahn is the author of the best-selling Pathways workbook, now in its fourth edition. He began working with clients with sexual behavior problems as a clinician, trainer, and author after graduating with a master’s degree in social work from the University of Washington in 1980. He is a clinical assistant professor with the University of Washington School of Social Work. Tim has served as the chairman of the Washington State Sex Offender Treatment Provider Advisory Committee, which has developed evaluation and treatment standards and licensing requirements for adolescent and adult sex offender counselors in Washington state. He is the author of Roadmaps to Recovery, Second Edition and the parent guide Healthy Families.

Additional Resources for Footprints

Three additional free resources are available for those working with the second edition of the Footprints workbook. A link to each and a quick description are provided below.

The Clinicians Guide provides information for clinicians, including suggestions for using some of the materials and exercises, plus a list of additional resources. All information directed to clinicians has been removed from the client workbook and placed in the Clinician’s Guide. This is a PDF file.

The Sexual History Form included in Step 4 of the first edition has been removed from the workbook and made into a digital form. More information about using the form is in the Clinician’s Guide. This is a Microsoft Word document in a format compatible with Word 97 and all later versions.

Extended Words to Know provides additional space so that clients may draw or paste pictures for each entry to help them understand and remember important words. Some entries in the expanded list have a starting picture. This is a PDF file.

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