Safer Society is the New Home for NAPN

Safer Society Foundation has agreed to be the new home for the National Adolescent Perpetration Network (NAPN).

“NAPN’s mission is virtually identical to ours in many ways,” said Executive Director Mary Falcon. “Both organizations work to share information among professionals to help reduce harmful sexual behaviors. NAPN has done that through its annual conference, while Safer has done it through publications among several other initiatives.”

Among these initiatives is the new online training series, the free Safer Talk webinar series, and the New Circle, a free digital magazine for people who work with at-risk children.

“NAPN provides a new opportunity to reach out to professionals,” said Falcon. “With the current pandemic continuing to curtail certain activities, we have put any thoughts of a conference on the far back burner. But there are other ways we can foster the mission of NAPN and continue the work begun by Gail Ryan over 30 years ago”

Falcon continued, “We are in the early planning stages, but we are confident the future of NAPN as a vibrant, active network is bright.”

As Safer Society announces NAPN-related projects, you can read about them on the website.

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  1. Woohoo! Honored to have had the opportunity to facilitate NAPN’s annual conference they last two years. So happy to see it be welcomed into the perfect home!

    1. Hi, Katrina,

      In our notice I should have acknowledged the work you did facilitating the conference the past two years and your help in passing it on to Safer Society. Trying to do many things at once! But am glad to at least say thank you here!


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