Resources for Treating Survivors

Safer Society Press offers a number of books for professionals working with survivors of sexual abuse.

Professional Books

Healing from Sexual Violence The Case for Vicarious Restorative Justice
Healing from Sexual Violence explains what vicarious restorative justice is and how it promotes healing without retraumatizing people.

Transcending Trauma Post-Traumatic Growth Following Physical, Sexual, and Emotional Abuse
Examines trauma from a new and encouraging perspective—suggesting that post-traumatic growth and even thriving are possible after experiencing painful event

Feeling Good Again A Guide for Parents and Therapists
Accessible, effective treatment approaches and exercises that will help any boy or girl take a big step foward in healing from abuse

Books for the Client

Sarah's Waterfall A Healing Story
A marvelous tool for helping girls 7-12; it will also appeal to adult women survivors wanting to enhance their own sense of well-being

Shining Through Pulling it Together After Sexual Abuse
A sensitive, easy-to-read guide for young women (ages 10 and up) dealing with sexual abuse. Filled with short, hope-filled chapters and thoughtful exercise

Feeling Good Again
A workbook for children aged 6 and up who’ve been sexually abused

Rewind Rebound A Teenage Guy's Book for Dealing with Sexual Abuse
Speaks directly to the issues faced by teenage male survivors of sexual abuse, helping them understand issues such as their swirling emotions, personal resiliency, and sexuality

Treatment Exercises for Child Abuse Victims and Children with Sexual Behavior Problems
Ten treatment goals for children with sexual behavior problems form the core of this manual with more than 50 focused exercises to help children and their parents meet each of the goals

Sexuality Curriculum for Abused Children and Young Adolescents and Their Parents
This curriculum of over 50 structured exercises is for use with children six years old up to young adolescents, and their parents