Prevention & Treatment

Sexual abuse is a public health issue that requires collaboration among all those with a stake in the outcome. From the beginning, an important part of Safer Society’s mission has been to encourage dialogues and to promote the exchange of information. The pages in this section of our website are designed to continue this work. The information addresses all aspects of sexual abuse, from the prevention of abuse, to the healing of survivors, and the management of people with sexual behavior problems. Each of these areas needs to be addressed in order to create a safer society, one in which sexual abuse can be prevented before it happens, and in which victims are provided with support and healing while those with sexual behavior problems receive the services they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle free of abusive behaviors.

If you are looking for general information about sexual abuse or information about a specific topic, start with the Information on Sexual Abuse page. This page lets you locate information either by topic or by affinity group.

If you’re looking for a referral to specialized sexual offender treatment, click here to request a referral or to get more information about this free service.

Stop It Now! Guidebooks provide adults with the knowledge and tools to they need to help prevent child sexual abuse. For more information about these guidebooks or to download a sample copy for personal use, visit the Stop It Now! Guidebooks page.

Links to other organizations that provide additional information and resources about sexual abuse and/or services for survivors or people with sexual behavior problems can be accessed by clicking here.