Pathways, 5th Edition

A Guided Workbook for Youth Beginning Treatment
By Timothy J. Kahn

For over three decades, the Pathways workbook has been a favorite resource for clinicians working with teens with sexual behavior problems.

The new fifth edition has been revised from cover to cover to make the workbook even more relevant for youths with problematic sexual behaviors, including those who have engaged in non-consensual sexual contact with peers as well as youths who have been viewing child sexual abuse materials (CSAM). Pathways, Fifth Edition, provides updated technology references while maintaining the familiar chapter organization. There is less focus on arousal conditioning methods and increased focus on building resilience and positive life experiences.

New and updated assignments focus on healthy sexuality, establishing healthy boundaries, yes-means-yes consent, and communication in sexual relationships. Numerous assignments have been revised to address the treatment needs of youths who have been viewing CSAM.

Pathways is intended to be used in treatment with adolescents ages 14 to 19.

Notes from the Author
I would like to emphasize that professional treatment providers are at their best when they employ a warm, empathetic, rewarding, and guiding/directive style. This fifth edition of Pathways has been developed with that idea in mind. I would also like to emphasize that when it comes to working with adolescents with sexual behavior problems, no one size fits all. Current research continues to show that adolescents with sexual behavior problems are a very diverse group, and represent the entire spectrum of the adolescent population. In my experience, most adolescents do best with a supportive and gentle therapeutic approach by a firm and directive therapist, and relatively few adolescents require the harsh level of confrontation and almost punitive approaches that have sometimes been utilized with adult and adolescent sexual offenders in the past.