Online Training: RNR and the Power of Preparation and Motivation for Group-Based Treatment

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Length of Training: Four Hours
Credit: 4 CE Credit Hours
Cost of Training: $120.00

Purchase price includes access to training video and material for 10 days. Participants will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

This program is co-sponsored by Safer Society Press and Continuing Excellence, LLC

Given the adverse coercion and stigma of being mandated into sexual offense-specific treatment (SOST), there are extra challenges to engaging males in group-based SOST without encountering resistance, denial, silence, and drop-out. The group-based format presents additional barriers in the form of (anticipated) public humiliation and social condemnation. The speakers present an array of practical methods for pre-treatment preparation that can lower initial defensiveness, while improving motivation and openness to treatment, which can shorten the time it takes for individuals to respond to SOST. In addition to reviewing relevant research about pre-treatment preparation and motivational approaches, the speakers emphasize the crucial importance of “getting a good start” in treatment. They describe a new motivational and strengths-based client workbook that embodies techniques and exercises to prepare clients for their first group and the group based treatment experience. Exercises include self-discovery of personal character strengths, masculinity/gender stereotypes, cooperation, receiving and giving help, and relationships for enhanced motivation and openness to treatment change in SOST.

Topics to be covered include:
1) RNR principles as related to the value of pre-treatment preparation and individual motivation for group-based treatment.
2) Integration of strengths-based client workbook approach to enhance engagement in group-based offender treatment.
3) Common barriers to engagement in treatment and methods for overcoming them.
4) Group techniques for facilitating interaction and group cohesion.
5) Toxic masculinity/gender role training as a barrier to treatment.

As a result of this training, participants will be able to:
1) Apply methods for pre-treatment orientation and preparation for group-based treatment.
2) Describe research related to pre-treatment and motivational approaches in sex abuse specific treatment.
3) Use a client workbook into pre-treatment preparation that invites self-discovery of personal character strengths, (toxic) masculinity and gender stereotypes, cooperation, and receiving and giving help as well as enhancing motivation and openness to treatment change.
4) Apply techniques for facilitating interpersonal interaction in the group for enhanced cohesion and treatment effectiveness.
5) Plan and implement group-based techniques for reducing defensiveness and facilitating social engagement.
6) Describe the application of the risk, need, and responsivity principles to group treatment.

Four Hours of Training

The training session runs for four hours. The charge is $120. To be eligible for the CE credits, you must watch the training, complete a quiz, and submit an evaluation form. Access to training materials and video will last for 10 days following the payment of the registration fee. All registrants will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion.

Training registration fees are non-refundable.

Continuing Education Credit Hours

Continuing Excellence, LLC is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Continuing Excellence, LLC maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Jerry L. Jennings, Ph.D
Vice President of Clinical Services for Liberty Healthcare Corporation

Jerry L. Jennings, Ph.D. has published over 55 journal articles, chapters and books in clinical and forensic psychology, domestic violence, phenomenology, group therapy, and sex offender specific treatment. Dr. Jennings coauthored the first book devoted entirely to Group Therapy with Sexual Abusers (2016), and the first workbook for orienting and engaging clients in group-based treatment called, Getting the Most from Group (2021). Other publications include a comprehensive review of the empirical and clinical research specific to group therapy with sexual abusers in Sexual Abuse (2016) and two workbooks for youth titled Responsibility and Self-Management (2007) and The Mindfulness Toolkit (2014). Dr. Jennings has conducted numerous trainings related to forensic psychology and sexual abuse treatment. His analysis of an infamous sexual predator, based on his book Breaking the Silence of the Lambs, (2014), is featured in the documentary Monster Preacher (2021).

Steven Sawyer, MSSW
Sawyer Solutions, LLC

Founder and President of Sawyer Solutions, LLC, a private clinical and consulting practice, Steven Sawyer was a founding board member and Executive Director of a local non-profit treatment agency for 17 years, founding board member and former president of the Minnesota Chapter of ATSA, and past board member and chair of the Minnesota Board of Social Work. He serves as a consultant to catholic religious orders on sexual abuse prevention and management and personnel issues. He has frequently lectured and delivered training to public and professional groups and conferences about sexual offense treatment and sexual abuse prevention. He has published more than 18 articles and book chapters on sexual abuse and its treatment. Over 33 years he has facilitated or observed 4,000+ hours of group therapy, assessed and treated hundreds of men who have committed sexual crimes, and provided clinical supervision for therapists treating several thousand men in sex offense-specific treatment.

Continuing Excellence, LLC
P.O. Box 134, East Middlebury, VT 05740
Tel: (802) 771-4155

This training is for professionals working with people who have experienced complex trauma as well as people who have perpetrated abuse. Professionals who will benefit from this training include social workers, psychologists, clinical counselors, and interested paraprofessionals.

Content Level

Special Accommodations Statement
Safer Society and Continuing Excellence are dedicated to meeting the needs of all attendees. Attendees will be provided with copies of the presenters’ materials (PowerPoint slides, images, etc.) for their own reference. Please note that closed-captioning will be available for this video. If/when further accommodations are necessary, we will make every effort to suit participants’ needs.

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