Off Limits Helps Parents Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

With news about sexual offenders and sexual crimes so much in the public eye, parents may wonder what they can do to keep their kids safe. Safer Society Press is proud to publish Off Limits: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse to provide parents with tools they need. This guide is packed with actions parents can take today to help prevent sexual abuse of kids and teens. Written by two child sexual abuse prevention professionals, Sandy K. Wurtele and Feather Berkower, this book explains how sexual offending occurs, and steps parents can take to make their kids, their homes, and their communities Off Limits to sexual offending. Off Limits describes four survivors of child sexual abuse to show typical examples of abuse and how knowledgeable adults might have intervened. Sample dialogues provide parents with ways to begin discussing sexual abuse and safety issues with their kids, with other parents, with caregivers, and with leaders of schools, youth sports groups, and youth organizations.

The core Off Limits is 32 safety tips that help caring and concerned adults create Off Limits kids, homes, and communities. Statements that Off Limits Kids, Homes, and Communities can make are included. Let’s look at some samples.

Off Limits Kids can say:

  • I know never to keep secrets about touching private parts.
  • I have trusted adults I can ask questions of and talk to about my worries.
  • I know that sexual abuse is never a kid’s fault.

In an Off Limits Home, family members take these actions:

  • We listen to and believe our kids.
  • We discuss our children’s safety practices with authority figures.
  • We understand what makes children and teens vulnerable to sexual abuse.

In an Off Limits Community, children have these supports:

  • We ensure that all youths have access to sexuality and body-safety education.
  • Our schools, youth organizations, and child-care centers have child-safe policies in place.
  • Our community has specialized treatment providers for victims, families, and abusers.

Off Limits includes many more tips, but these give a feel for the powerful tips and tools Dr. Wurtele and Ms. Berkower have included. You can see all the tips here. Ultimately, this book is empowering and hopeful: working together, we can make our kids, our homes, and our communities safer. Our children can grow up safe and secure.

You can see the complete description of Off Limits in our online catalog, and order through our web store. Or you can call 802-247-3132 to place a phone order with your credit card or send us a check. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 340, Brandon, VT 05733. Off Limits is $20, with $5 shipping and handling.

To learn more about the authors, visit their websites – Sandy K. Wurtele and Feather Berkower.

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