Of Boys and Men

Of Boys and Men is the most important book of its kind in the past decade. The circumstances of men and boys have changed over time; this book provides information that professionals who work with men need to know.
– David Prescott

At Safer Society Press we don’t often add books from other publishers to our catalog, but the recent release of Of Boys and Men, by Richard V. Reeves, caused us to reach out to the publisher so that we can make this important book available to our customers. 

The New York Times calls Of Boys and Men, “a landmark, one of the most important books of the year, not only because it is a comprehensive look at the male crisis, but also because it searches for the roots of that crisis and offers solutions.”

We’ve priced the book to be competitive with other online retailers. If you add it to your order of $75 or more, shipping is free within the United States.

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