November 13, 2019 – FREE WEBINAR – Working with Children and Adolescents with a History of Sexual Victimization

Presented by Constance DelGiudice, LMHC, Ed.D., CST

GIFR is the leading provider of high-quality online training for forensic and mental health professionals. Each year, GIFR hosts 12 free webinars offered by Safer Society Foundation, National Adolescent Perpetration Network (NAPN), and Sex Offender Civil Commitment Programs Network (SOCCPN).

This 1.5-hour training provides guidance to clinicians new to the process of working with children and adolescents with a history of sexual victimization. While there are ample trainings on the topic of child sexual abuse and sexual abuse treatment, few trainings address the needs of the treatment provider. As an adjunct professor for several universities and a clinical supervisor, Dr. Constance DelGiudice has witnessed firsthand the discomfort, hesitancy, and avoidance of most practitioners when it comes to approaching and treating sexual abuse. This presentation will expand upon the attributes that are integral and essential components in sexual abuse counseling. After understanding how to equip yourself as a therapist providing sexual abuse counseling, this presentation will then provide a step-by-step guided approach that walks the therapist through sexual abuse counseling— allowing for and promoting the inclusion of evidence-based treatments.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this training, you will be able to…

  1. Identify what’s at stake in counseling youth presenting with sexual abuse.
  2. Discuss the importance and influence of their role in the process and the outcome.
  3. Describe foundational knowledge along with other necessary components required when addressing sexual abuse treatment.
  4. Utilize a step-by-step guided approach to sexual abuse counseling that allows for and promotes evidenced-based treatments.

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